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If you’re spending the holidays alone…

If you’re spending the holidays alone, you don’t have to be alone.

This is a call out to all the individuals who have hearts filled with love this holiday season but have no one to share it with.

You don’t have to be alone, you can join us on Christmas Day for the Sending Love to the World annual event.

A key component of heart-filled love warriors is that giving and sharing love with others increases the love vibrations exponentially. You are blessed as you bless others.

Here at Sending Love to the World dot com we are offering an opportunity to facilitate the uniting of single hearts all over the world into a united force wrapping the world and those less fortunate in a blanket of warm unconditional love.

Visit this web site at any time for as long as you like to join us in a guided meditation to focus your love energies into a flood of love and healing.

It’s no doubt that our world is in trouble and we believe that with this laser-focused intention and opportunity to activate and exponentially empower your individual love while blessing our planet and all creation that we can significantly impact our world for good.

We expect our combined efforts can decrease poverty, violence, crime, depression, and death this holiday season.

Join us at any time during the month of December for a guided meditation and help us to unite for our love and light event and let your love shine as it is amplified by our unity.

May you be blessed as you join with us to bless the world.

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