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How to Help Sending Love to the World


Sending Love to the World is an even that is open to all peoples without discrimination or judgment. Anyone is eligible to participate and everyone is encouraged to not only participate but to share with and invite friends who might also like to share in sending love to the world.

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Sending Love to the World is an even where the energies of all people participating are focused at a particular time and place for a period of time to send a powerful love vibrationally charged force to effect the world in a positive way in an effort to make the world a better place.


The current event is scheduled from

Midnight November 10th to Midnight January 1st.

Participants are to engage in sending love to the world by prayer, meditation, focusing their attention (or any other method that they are versed in or comfortable with) on sending love to the world.


This is non-physical-location participation. You can participate at any time, at any place that is convenient for you. All love energies will be combined to benefit those less fortunate and the world at large for the greater good.


Starting November 11th through the 1st of January, and peaking out on December 25th, there is traditionally a huge spike in crime, hospitalization, depression, and death among all age groups and across all social demographics.

We believe that by combining our efforts in sending love to the world at this fragile moment in time, that we can help to affect those suffering to feel love and have hope for a better life.


Commit to donating at least 3 minutes of your day to purposely and mindfully with all your heart’s ability in sending love to the world. (Many will be led to much longer periods, but all we are asking for is a 3-minute minimum commitment.)

Use any method that is comfortable for you.

There will be a meditation video stream on the homepage of to use as a guided meditation for those who would like to join in that manner.

Feel free to share your comments below for others of ways that they can focus their love and send it to others.

Thank you

It is with the deepest gratitude that we appreciate you sacrificing your time to reach out and help others with your love-focused intention.

May you be blessed as you bless others.


Sending Love to the World Live Video Stream Dec. 24, 2016

For those who might be looking for help in sending love to the world, I would be honored to have you go on a 10 minute adventure with me via this live video stream.

The stream has been recorded so that you may participate at any time between now and midnight, December 25th.

Bless you for joining us for this love-filled healing event.



Is sending love to the world like the law of attraction?

The idea of sending out energy in an effort to affect another or the world at large is quite the opposite of the law of attraction as it is based on the law of prevision.

In the law of attraction, it’s all about me. In the law of prevision, it’s all about everyone and everything but me.

In the case of sending love to the world we engage the forward-thinking intention and motivation to proactively project or broadcast energy for the benefit of someone or something else using a meditative, prayerful mindset or waking state imagination for the benefit of others.

Though the law of attraction is based on the secret of the wealthiest people on this planet (so wealthy, in fact, that their actual net worth is a protected secret, not like the private individuals whose financial statistics we are allowed to see publicized as the “richest people” in the USA or the world) the law of prevision is based on giving rather than receiving.

In fact, it is a key component missing from the law of attraction that excludes it from the universal concept of the law of giving and receiving.

With previsioning the more one gives, the more one receives.

For instance, if you tune in to and use our online stream of a guided prevision meditation whereby you act as a conduit for pure unconditional love and broadcast this love energy to your family, community, country and the world.

Even though the process only takes a few minutes, you will receive the benefits of basking in this love vibration.

The benefits include better health and wellness, cellular renewal, peace and harmony and the effects will last for up to six hours.

And by participating in the unbridled love broadcast your giving will also give you’re a predisposition to receive love in proportions that might otherwise be unexpected.

With altruistic and compassionate intention, we focus this energy onto others and the world for the greater good.

The benefits that you receive will be commensurate to the degree of selflessness that you exercise during this process.

So, to answer your question briefly, “Is sending love to the world like the law of attraction.” The answer is both yes and no.

The more important question is, “Is it for the greater good?” Absolutely. This is a higher calling.

Thank you for joining us and helping to spread the word and inviting others to participate in this event.

-David Masters

Sending Love to the World

The holiday season is a glorious time of love, laughter, giving, sharing, support and represents a time to celebrate family, friends and loved ones in all their many forms.

While many people are surrounded by others with whom they will celebrate this time of love and everything that is precious, others may be spending the holidays alone due to changes in life circumstance or other reasons.

Many people whose hearts are filled to the brim and overflowing with love may not have an avenue to set this love free, to share it with another and bask in its glow.


Love-filled hearts without a venue to share this love can lead to deterioration of the love vibration; alternatively, the sharing of love causes the love vibration to increase.

Sending Love to the World 2016 is an excellent opportunity for anyone to share this love vibration with the world. Imagine many people pouring out love for our planet and its inhabitants during a time when there exist extremes; on the one hand, peace, love and happiness while on the other hand or end of the spectrum sadness, depression and loneliness.

The economic decline and other issues lead to the rise of poverty, depression, domestic violence, theft and other crime all steadily increasing since late November.

The most staggering data shows that the loss of life also spikes during the holiday season especially on December 25th and again on January 1st.

The purpose of Sending Love to the World is two-fold.

To offer those heart-filled individuals – especially those who would otherwise be alone and not have an ability to share and give their love on December 25th – and anyone else who would like to join the outpouring of love to have an opportunity to support and bathe the world in unconditional love.

And to send this love out to heal others who are struggling during these tough times, our country and the world at large.

Bound together with like-minded purpose, we can help to make the world a better place.

Join us, here – on this website – for a streaming guided meditation to heal and love those in need… Together we will be sending love to the world… that by all means, we might save some.

Bookmark this site.

Share it with heart-filled friends.

The meditation stream will be running for the entire 24 hours of December 25th. Feel free to join at any time and spend as long as you desire to love.

Love, love, love and love to you.

If you’re spending the holidays alone…

If you’re spending the holidays alone, you don’t have to be alone.

This is a call out to all the individuals who have hearts filled with love this holiday season but have no one to share it with.

You don’t have to be alone, you can join us on Christmas Day for the Sending Love to the World annual event.

A key component of heart-filled love warriors is that giving and sharing love with others increases the love vibrations exponentially. You are blessed as you bless others.

Here at Sending Love to the World dot com we are offering an opportunity to facilitate the uniting of single hearts all over the world into a united force wrapping the world and those less fortunate in a blanket of warm unconditional love.

Visit this web site at any time for as long as you like to join us in a guided meditation to focus your love energies into a flood of love and healing.

It’s no doubt that our world is in trouble and we believe that with this laser-focused intention and opportunity to activate and exponentially empower your individual love while blessing our planet and all creation that we can significantly impact our world for good.

We expect our combined efforts can decrease poverty, violence, crime, depression, and death this holiday season.

Join us at any time during the month of December for a guided meditation and help us to unite for our love and light event and let your love shine as it is amplified by our unity.

May you be blessed as you join with us to bless the world.

Share this invitation with your friends.